BOS Global Holdings, A public company listed on the AIM Stock exchange in London, has this week announced its intention to make a significant investment in Call Design, a propriety limited company in Australia. Call Design Managing Director (APAC) Sean Mather believes this is a very exciting announcement for both companies and enhances Call Design’s capability in the optimization space by providing a truly enterprise wide workplace automation and productivity suite.

While discussing the new relationship with BOS, Call Design Chairman Peter Salmon said “Call Design is very excited by the opportunities that this brings not only to Call Design, but most especially to our current and potential new customers, and we look forward to sharing more information over the coming weeks and months as this develops”

Call Design has recently been expanding its capability into the enterprise through implementations of back office and retail centric solutions. Mather went on to say “the BOS press release describes the synergy between our two companies and how their hosted products in conjunction with our products and services can really address customer problems. This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies to grow our joint business very significantly”. He also went on to say ” it is important to note that there is no change in the day to day management of Call Design”

Call Design and BOS have cemented this relationship through an investment by both companies in each other.