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Recent “WannaCry” Ransomware Attacks & Call Design

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In regards to recent reports of ‘one of the largest cyber attacks of its kind’ that impacted healthcare and communications systems in over 100 countries bringing many essential business to a halt, Call Design’s Executive Director and CIO, Mr Peter Salmon has provided some background about what Call Design do to protect our own and […]

Worldwide Debut of Aspect Via

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iSelect, Call Design, and Aspect are excited and proud to announce the worldwide debut of Aspect Via. Yesterday afternoon (28 March 2017 at 1:11pm AEDT) iSelect agents received the first production phone calls onto the new Via platform. The plan now is to ramp up the traffic over the next few months to completely replace […]

Call Design celebrates a new relationship with BOS

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BOS Global Holdings, a public company listed on the AIM Stock exchange in London, has this week announced its intention to make a significant investment in Call Design, a propriety limited company in Australia.  Call Design Managing Director (NA/Europe) Brett Redman believes this is a very exciting time for Call Design and enhances our capability in WFO […]

Silver Lining Solutions: Make Every Employee Your Best Employee

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Customer knowledge and employee expertise are converging in the contact center world. With all of the channels available today, customers are more informed and self-sufficient than ever. As a result, when they get in touch via the contact center, they have high service expectations for the experience. Simultaneously, skill mastery and competency are becoming a […]

Shrinkage: It’s Not Neccessarily a Bad Thing!

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Shrinkage can take on different meanings depending on context. In accounting terms, it’s the loss of product inventory. In fabrics, it’s what could happen to laundry. In Seinfeld, it’s what happened to George after he was “in the pool”. All of these circumstances may not appear to be desirable outcomes, however in the contact center […]

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