Maximizing Your Investment

Every single touchpoint in your contact center has an impact on your ability to be successful.

In this ever-changing economic climate, there is a constant need to look for improvements across processes and practices and create productivity and efficiency uplifts within a specified budget.

The Contact Center Assessment covers all areas of the contact center, from strategy through to governance.  It is designed to help you determine how you are performing against industry standards.  The results of each area are presented as you work through the survey and provide immediate insight to help you identify where to focus your efforts next.

Additional Information

You can complete the assessment anonymously or provide your email address, the choice is yours.  The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete but it doesn’t need to be completed in one go, just copy the URL and come back to it later.

Increase your insight by having others in your company complete the survey.  All you have to do is send an email to and provide your company name, names of your colleagues and the date the survey was completed, and Call Design will send you a consolidated results’ report providing even greater insight into the level of maturity in your business.

As you work your way through the survey, you can view your progress in the Results tab. Upon completion, you will be presented with a report which positions you against industry standards; the top 3 areas to focus on and insight into some of the benefits and efficiencies those 3 areas could provide if they were improved.

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Contact Center Assessment

Why Call Design?

Our goal is to help clients gain the most from their people, processes, and technology.  Our consultants have a wealth of experience having worked with organisations around the world.

The Call Design consulting approach combines specialist skills in strategy, operations, finance, people management, and technology with a wealth of industry experience to make a difference to the operational performance of our clients.



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