lora previtera

Lora Previtera


Lora reigns remotely in East Tennessee, where she also earned her degrees and has nearly 20 years of technical training experience. She attended both the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University. A bonafide Mathematician, fearless feaster (cricket tacos), and our real life mermaid – there is no adventure or equation too large for Lora.

Lora’s duties include leading implementations, as well as delivering training for Workforce Optimization products. She also engages in services and advanced helpdesk escalations for workforce management products across the globe.

Lora’s Amazing Adventures resume next fall with a cruise around the world. She’ll be documenting all things paranormal, historic, and delicious (salt crusted sea bass – yes please). Not to fret, Lora keeps up her aquatic lifestyle, dipping her fins (scuba diving) port by port. Stay tuned.

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