Performance Management

How to motivate employees with non-monetary incentives

Published 1st March, 2019

You know the saying All Work and No Play…. But why not combine the two? Gamification, among other measures, can greatly improve motivation among your agents.

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The importance of operational planning for your business

Published 15th February, 2019

When it comes to workforce management, operational planning is the key in ensuring your organization is on track to meet its short-term targets.

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Business growth and high staff turnover: what to do about it

Published 7th February, 2019

A high turnover can be a major thorn in the side for business growth. Let’s take a look at why it happens, and what you do about it.

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What’s next? Future proofing your contact center

Published 20th December, 2018

With consumer habits – and the technologies that facilitate them – constantly changing, contact center managers need to always have an eye on future trends.

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Meeting your requirements: Call Design’s customized courses

Published 13th December, 2018

Is there something not quite right in your contact center, but you can’t quite pin down what? Call Design’s customized contact center courses can help.

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How to measure good customer service

Published 23rd November, 2018

Quantifying your customer service is essential to maintain standards and further improve. So how can you effectively quantify your process?

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Retaining staff: A guide for contact center managers

Published 16th November, 2018

Attrition among contact centre staff is an ongoing problem for managers, but what can you do about it? Here are a few ideas.

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The Cloud….. so what??

Published 13th November, 2018

I’ve been thinking about the cloud for a long time now, and while there is no doubt that it is here to stay for the foreseeable future, I’ve been asking myself… so what? I know that it is seen by…

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Terminology 101: Customer service vs customer experience

Published 1st November, 2018

Customer service and customer experience may sound like they encompass the same ideas, but there are also crucial differences. This article explains.

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Why analyze performance in the back office?

Published 29th October, 2018

Performance analysis improves employee output and satisfaction, as well as customer experience. This applies to the back office just as much as the frontline.

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