What our customers have to say...

1. What was your experience working with Call Design, and what did you like most about it?

When the stakes are high, and the pressure on, Call Design have always been cool, calm and collected. You get the reassuring sense that they know their business and that they make you their business. And, most importantly, if they don’t have an immediate answer for your problem you can rely on an answer coming soon.

2. How has Call Design helped you?

We went basic yet had the full support of Call Design from design and set up through to implementation. They helped us keep on track with regular project meetings, fixed any problems and even tackled some of the larger cultural hurdles within our centre. Our implementation was smooth, easy and well adopted.

3. What advice would you give to other prospective customers?

Ongoing support from Call Design’s support teams is fantastic; they’re always cheerful and willing to tackle any problem. Turnaround time is very quick and they close the loop in every single case. I can’t praise them highly enough.

With Call Design you’ll find that no problem is too small and you can expect a professional and knowledgeable interaction every time.

1. What was your experience working with Call Design, and what did you like most about it?

Working with Call Design has truly been a “breath of fresh air”. The response time is second to none and are they are courteous, knowledgeable and answer questions thoroughly the first time so no unnecessary back and forth.

We are long term Aspect users, but certainly don’t know everything and when we can’t figure something out, it’s great to know the expertise is available to us.

2. How have the products helped your business?

They have helped us discover things we didn’t know existed such as auto bid creation, this one action has saved a lot of time when creating shift bids. They always very patiently help me with security and profile settings, this is an area that can cause a great deal of frustration but with their patience and knowledge the process is less frustrating for me.

Call Design managed our latest Aspect upgrade. The Call Design team excelled in both technical and operational knowledge. Our IT team was very impressed with the caliber of the Call Design team and the way this IT project was effectively managed.

3. A piece of advice you would give other prospective customers.

With the support of Call Design, we are finally beginning to leverage our WFM system.

The Call Design team helps us take our WFM practices to the next level. This was missing with our previous support experience.

Really happy overall, and looking forward to a great working relationship with the team at Call Design!

4. Any other comments?

The transition from Aspect to Call Design support was easy and effortless. We were worried that this might affect our long term relationship with the Aspect team and that certainly was not the case. We continue to have a great relationship with our Aspect Account Exectuive and other members of the Aspect team we have worked with for years.

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1. How would you describe your overall experience?

We worked with Aspect directly for the sales process, and Call Design was the Aspect partner for the implementation. I have nothing but great praise for the professionalism, customer focus, and flexibility on behalf of Call Design, it was a delightful experience. Call Design helped us through all the facets of the implementation from software download and hardware configuration to understanding our requirements, and helping us configure the system within these parameters.

They were able to troubleshoot every issue, and really get us ready for the implementation and rollout. In addition, they provided outstanding post implementation support, I couldn’t be more complimentary of Burke White and Lora Previtera of Call Design.

2. How did the products and services help your business?

Aspect has tremendous standardized configuration capability to hone in the application for our needs. We were able to get all the features we needed using standard capability, without any contortions or work-arounds.

Call Design did a great job listening to, and understanding our needs, and determining which of the standard configuration items would best fit what we wanted to do. In one case, they showed us some capabilities that led to us adopting their way of measuring productivity instead of continuing with our previous mechanism. This was great customer service.

1. How was your experience working with Call Design?

Call Design have always been available and proactive with any request, no matter how big or small. What I like most is how they personalise their service; you feel confident they understand your business, and they’re genuinely invested in your success, through determining how they can contribute to your overall performance.

2. How did the products and services help your business?

We underwent a huge review of our Workforce Planning Team (WFP) and change process last year; investing in the WFP team firstly with WFP fundamentals and the eWFM system for all roles (Real Time, Scheduling and Forecasting) as well as a complete re-build of our eWFM configuration. I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism, patience and expert advice that were provided in rolling out training, and the guidance from rebuilding our whole eWFM set up from ground up.

The whole process has played an integral role in the team’s success post-implementation, and the overall increased performance for the business. In 2018, we achieved outstanding staff engagement results, as evidenced through a strong WFP trend, which demonstrated how much of a positive influence the WFP team have on the frontline staff.

3. A piece of advice you would give other prospective customers:

Don’t be adverse to change or starting fresh. If you have gone 5 years+ with different projects, personnel and band-aid fixes to eWFM configuration, a rebuild and team refresher is perfect to re-invigorate your team along with giving them ownership around the team’s strategy moving forward.

1. How was your experience working with Call Design?

Working with Call Design to implement Aspect has been brilliant. They have been great with pro-active communication as we have progressed, and are always willing to put boots on the ground to help us get set up. This implementation has been part of a much wider tech project, and we have experienced several delays. Call Design have always been accommodating and flexible throughout the process, even as our target dates shifted multiple times. They have worked willingly with our telephony partners to ensure integration was painless.

2. What they helped you with/how they helped you

They have been right across the implementation, from integration to our telephony system, configuration, and training our workforce team on best-practice with Aspect. We have been impressed by their approach to each area, and the support they have provided.

3. A piece of advice you would give other prospective customers

As always, integration to your other systems is key. Start that process early, and let Call Design work directly with your other partners. It will make your life easier, and ensure the best results.

4. Any other comments?

Really happy overall, and looking forward to a great working relationship with the team at Call Design!

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