Marilyn Rodriguez

Sales Executive

Hi, my name is Marilyn Rodriguez from Honduras, Central America. At Call Design, my role is Sales Executive for LATAM. I began my journey at Call Design in 2021 but have been in the industry for the last 12 years. In my role I oversee lead generation for the region and strategic collaboration with our partners to create new client relationships. My favorite thing about working at Call Design is the culture of open communication and care. When I say care, it is real care. We care about our people, our clients, and our partners, I am comfortable going out there every day and selling our products and services, knowing that we are never going to fall short on our clients’ expectations because we work hard to take care of everyone that decides to become a part of the Call Design family. Fun fact about me is that I don’t like coffee or mayo and I am quite tall, you will never guess how tall I am when we meet over a video call and will for sure be surprised when we meet in person.

Marilyn Rodriguez

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