shawn mccormick

Shawn McCormick

Workforce Optimization Specialist

Shawn hails from the western atmosphere of Tennessee. Attending both MTSU and Vanderbilt, he has been working with workforce technologies for over 15 years now. A lover of all things quality leather, theatre and patisserie with a side of authentic gelato.

As our resident Workforce Optimization Specialist, Shawn excels in pairing your business with the right tools to enhance efficiency, increase overall satisfaction and decrease your costs everyday. All the while, retaining the lyrics to some of the most influential songs of the 90s (Who are we kidding? Of ALL time).

Given the opportunity, Shawn would love the ability to teleport for two. Getting from point A to point B quickly has a special meaning to him after sitting in LA traffic.  We’re currently chasing sponsorship options on his behalf to fund the journey, particularly KitchenAid and Le Creuset.

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