Call Design provides solutions and services to empower your employees, engage your customers, and automate the processes you work with every day - at your site or in the cloud. We don’t just sell world-class Workforce Optimization tools, we train onsite, consult on best practices, and support you 24X7.


Our products have been implemented in various industries and organizations of all sizes worldwide. We’ve taken the best solutions and paired them with an impeccable team of developers to build or customize the right solution for your needs.


Workforce Management

Bid your endless stacks of spreadsheets adieu! With our enhanced software solutions, staff scheduling, demand forecasting, and performance tracking have never been so easy. Manage internal staff announcements, staff notifications and annual leave requests quickly and effectively. Track and improve employee productivity and schedule compliance. Set goals, manage expectations, and coach employees to ensure you are providing your customers with the best possible service.


Realtime Automated Intraday Management

Why hello there, progress! A dynamic toolkit specifically designed to help you manage the ever-changing day to day. Automated skills assessment, training strategy, task management, channel balancing, and schedule updates across platforms with customizable business rules all working together to empower positive change within your organization.


Quality Management

Ensure your customers are receiving the best service possible. Contact centres of all shapes, sizes and industries know that contact recording and quality assurance are vital to the enterprise. Quality Management offers a full range of functionality to suit your requirements: voice and screen capture, PCI compliance, configurable evaluation forms, optional customer surveys, optional speech and desktop analytics.


Performance Management

Bring your data out of hiding, it’s time to shine! Ensure your employees are aligned with the goals of your organization and they are performing like your best performers. Performance Management ensures all employees are using the same metrics, providing a closed loop coaching solution so you can change the performance at all levels of the organization.


ME Mobile

The mobile app for Aspect Workforce Management Empower keeps you stylishly on the go and in tune with your schedule anytime, anywhere.



VQ Alert

Proactively alert staff to breaks, meetings, trainings or any other offline scheduled event. Our exclusive VQ Alert works in conjunction with the Aspect Workforce Management suite.



VQ Connect

Customized integration solutions from Call Design help streamline your WFO product workflows. With VQ Connect, you can now create two way conversations between any third-party software and WFM.




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Our experts work one on one with your team in your environment to analyze your business practices and create personalized action plans to enhance efficiencies at all levels of the organization.

Help Desk

Available 24/7 and staffed with Call Design employees with no less than 5 years experience with the Aspect Workforce Optimization suite. Drop us an email or give us a call anytime, seriously.

Training Services

Employee training and continued education are critical to the success of any contact center. Call Design offers a wide array of custom training solutions to suit your needs.


Customer service is the pinnacle of Call Design - elevated services package complete with dynamic health checks, exclusive event offers and more.

Let us find a solution to fit your needs