How Call Design Provides Stability Amidst the WFM Chaos

Posted by Call Design on September 27, 2023

Workforce Management (WFM) managers often find themselves in a constant battle to adapt. Call Design understands the unique challenges and frustrations that accompany this dynamic environment. In this blog, we address into the hurdles faced by WFM managers, including leadership changes and internal shifts, and showcase how Call Design stands as a steadfast partner, providing stability amidst the chaos.

The Challenge of Software Changes:

Picture this – you invest in a WFM software solution, believing it’s the answer to your needs, only to discover that the company behind it has been acquired or merged with another platform. Suddenly, the software you’ve come to rely on faces an uncertain future, and you’re left grappling with the frustration of a limited service life.

While we can’t shield you from the industry’s corporate maneuvers, we can certainly guide you through the maze. Call Design has connections throughout the WFM space includes the major WFM platforms. We know the players, we understand their trajectories, and we’re well-equipped to help you navigate through the challenging terrain of end-of-service timelines. With us by your side, you won’t have to face these uncertainties alone.

Keeping Pace with New Players:

The WFM landscape is a bustling marketplace with new entrants popping up year after year. Staying updated and discerning which platforms are worth your consideration has become a daunting task. Moreover, the risk of new players being absorbed by legacy giants adds another layer of complexity to the decision-making process.

We keep our finger on the pulse of emerging players and maintain a deep understanding of their potential trajectories. Instead of drowning in an ever-growing list of platforms, you can turn to us for the latest insights and guidance.

Navigating Leadership Changes:

Leadership changes within software providers can be incredibly challenging. Imagine having to retrain your vendor’s account manager repeatedly due to constant employee turnover. It’s frustrating when the vision and promises made by one set of leaders vanish with their departure, only to be replaced by new faces with new strategies.

Call Design provides a sense of stability that’s often missing in this industry. Our core team, led by Michelle and Burke, has been a constant presence since our inception. This continuity ensures that your client relationships remain uninterrupted, and you won’t have to repeatedly adapt to new leadership styles.

Dealing with Stagnant Platforms:

Occasionally, the challenge doesn’t lie in platforms changing too much, but rather in them changing too little. Large legacy players may lack the features and functions that you urgently require for your new processes and projects, leaving you stuck with a system that falls short of your needs.

We’ve helped shape the product roadmaps WFM software companies for years. While we can’t promise the immediate development of every desired feature, we can assure you that your voice won’t go unheard. We lend our industry expertise and unwavering support to amplify your requests and efforts. While change may not happen overnight, with Call Design behind you, your journey towards a more responsive platform becomes all the more achievable.

Navigating Internal Changes:

In the ever-competitive landscape of organizations, contact centers often find themselves subject to rapid shifts in priorities and unforeseen challenges. Whether it’s the shifting directives of upper management or the influence of other departments, WFM teams frequently face overwhelming changes.

We understand the unique challenges of internal changes. Our consultants are deeply ingrained in the contact center space, having spent most of their careers in the trenches. While we can’t eliminate internal changes, we advocate for a more strategic approach. We encourage WFM teams to shift from a reactive mode to a proactive stance, aligning their efforts with broader organizational objectives. With our support, you can navigate internal changes with resilience and purpose.

In a contact center landscape defined by its relentless pace of change, Call Design stands as a beacon of stability and support. We embrace the inevitability of change, recognizing it as a fundamental aspect of the industry. However, we also understand the value of stability and continuity in our client relationships. As you navigate the challenges of the evolving contact center environment, remember that Call Design is here to provide expertise, guidance, and tailored solutions to elevate your operations.

Your journey toward a more stable and strategically aligned contact center begins with us. Contact Call Design through our contact page or by emailing us at Let’s work together to transform today’s challenges into the successes of tomorrow.