Workforce Management

WFM for Real-Time Management

This course is specifically designed for Real-Time Analysts and to help them process real-time information and come to the best decision. It covers everything from workforce planning fundamentals to tracking and analysis as well as what needs to be considered when things don’t go to plan.

Workforce Management Essentials

If you’re responsible for forecasting, scheduling, or real-time adherence, this course is for you. We cover everything from communication skills to forecast accuracy and schedule flexibility. Workforce management is a critical part of your contact center and is worth investing in through our Workforce Management Essentials course!

Back Office Essentials

You’ve figured out WFM for the contact center but now you want to help the rest of the organization, but where do you start? Our Back Office Essentials course helps you take the processes, systems, and approaches that made you successful in the contact center and apply them to the back office. Back office forecasting, contingency planning, and staffing frameworks are within your reach.

Alvaria Forecasting and Scheduling

Alvaria (formerly known as Aspect) has consistently led the workforce management space. Their innovative approach to forecasting and scheduling has helped hundreds of organizations maximize their resources. Our training takes a deep dive into the best ways to leverage the latest Alvaria features and covers best practices from any version of their platform.

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