Workforce Management

Your contact center has unique challenges, software, and processes. No one does it exactly the way you do, and that’s why you need a partner that can work with any environment. Our contact center essential courses focus on key principles and guidelines that apply in every environment, no matter what platforms you use.

Workforce Management Essentials

If you’re responsible for forecasting, scheduling, or real-time adherence, this course is for you. We cover everything from communication skills to forecast accuracy and schedule flexibility. Workforce management is a critical part of your contact center and is worth investing in through our Workforce Management Essentials course

Performance Management Essentials

One of the best ways to engage your employees is by challenging them with goals and KPIs to strive for. Our Performance Management Essentials course helps you learn how to craft a performance plan, evaluate employee success, and communicate wins and losses. Driving agent performance doesn’t have to be hard, let us help you accomplish your goals.

Quality Management Essentials

Exceptional customer experience ensures your organization will be around long-term. The best way to reach strong CX is through a strong quality management program. This course helps you understand how to set goals, establish quality guidelines, and provide feedback so your team consistently delivers for your customers.

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Leading a contact center doesn’t have to be difficult. Let our trainers inform you and your staff on best practices, industry standards, and tips from our decades of contact center experience!

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