Workforce Management

Crossroad of Your Contact Center

Workforce management sits at the crossroads, taking inputs from finance, operations, IT, HR, marketing, and so many more.


We can help you move from your current method to the next level or optimize your current process. Whether your tool of choice is pen and paper, Excel, or the latest WFM software, our team has used it.


One of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is work/life balance, and that’s all about scheduling. Our consultants can help you provide the schedule flexibility your agents want while maintaining the schedule optimization your business requires.


Real-time monitoring is centered around making sure your customers and employees are getting the best experience possible, but balancing their differing needs is hard! Our consulting can help you build a real-time adherence process that maximizes both the customer and employee experience.

Why Call Design?

If it can be a part of a workforce management team, then we’ve done it. From forecasting in Excel to producing micro-shift schedule flexibility, and all the way to leading dozens of WFM teams. We know the value of solid WFM and believe our consulting can help your team.