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Workforce Management

Understanding your past and present is critical to preparing for the future. This is why a central tool for seeing how staff are performing, predicting future business needs and ensuring staff know what is expected of them should be your next business consideration. Without an effective workforce management tool, how do you analyze and forecast your business needs?

Call Design has the power to implement robust demand forecasting and workforce management solutions that are designed to put confidence in the hands of both employer and employee. Additionally, our offering can be implemented on-premise or as a cost-effective, cloud-based tool in the form of WFM, bringing this global enterprise-level service to businesses both large and small.

Accurate & Actionable Contact Center Forecasting & Scheduling

Call Design is one of the world's most trusted suppliers of workforce management software. With our expert guidance, we can quickly help office managers get access to its suite of capabilities, such as forecasting, data analysis, staff management, and staff empowerment. With this information, you'll have a better awareness of your employees, their productivity, and the future of your business. Plus, you'll be able to plan a raft of budgetary and strategic scenarios to prepare as appropriate.

WFM Features

Forecasting Workforce Requirements

Staff Management

Staff Empowerment

Easy To Use Platform

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Forecasting is a key strength of WFM software. It lets office managers accurately plan and predict business peaks and troughs, giving them a complete picture of upcoming staffing requirements. Additionally, it can compare historic patterns with infinite “what-if” scenarios, import user-supplied volumes, track shrinkage, help budget planning and work out how much customer communication is expected to arrive, whether calls, emails or chats.

Why Call Design?

Choosing Call Design isn't just choosing to buy a product, but a partner. Since 1999, we've been a leader in the workforce optimization space, not just because of the superior solutions we offer, but our superior service.

When you work with Call Design, one of our consultants will either come to your office or work with you remotely to figure out how best to integrate WFM into your existing infrastructure and business processes.

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