Reach Company Goals and KPIs by Making Your Employees Work More Fun

Workforce Management

What is gamification?

Gamification uses game mechanics and game theory to help reach strategic goals. This is more than just using leader boards and badges to congratulate your team. This is about engaging your full workforce, not just the top or bottom 10%. Gamification helps your employees reach company goals and KPIs by making their work more fun and fulfilling!

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Your employees are your key asset and keeping them engaged is critical to retention.

Today’s employee wants to be challenged and given an opportunity to improve their skills. Gamification gives them a platform where they can test themselves against the whole company, their team, or even their own personal best. They can even challenge another employee in a 1 on 1 duel around a specific KPI. Gamification can be a driving force for employee engagement!

Why partner with Call Design?

When you partner with Call Design you are working with an organization that shares your focus and concern for employee engagement. We believe employees have the right to be happy, fulfilled, and engaged at work, and gamification helps you do all of these things for your employees! You deserve to work with an organization that doesn’t just sell you a platform but wants to partner with you to improve your employee experience.

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