Leverage Professional Trainers and Improve Contact Center Performance

Workforce Management

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Leveraging professional trainers is one of the best ways to improve contact center performance. Our trainers have spent years transforming their wins and losses into valuable content. This allows our customers to avoid pitfalls and maximize their resources, ensuring exceptional customer experience and employee engagement. No matter what software you use, our best practices and contact center tips can help your team!

Our Solutions

Almost all of Call Design’s Essentials courses can be learned without needing a particular brand of software. No matter your company and no matter your preferred software vendor, these training packages have been built to teach industry best practice, and can be adopted into any existing infrastructure.

Contact Center Essentials

Our contact center essentials courses help you understand how to leverage the support teams that drive successful contact centers.

Leadership Training

Our leadership courses can help anyone looking to increase their influence, impact, or career mobility.

Workforce Management Essentials

Our workforce management courses cover every element you need to guarantee this critical team is maximizing their impact on the contact center.

Customized Training

Not sure what you need? We can help! Our consultative approach and custom training can help solve any of your contact center problems.

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