Faiza Lao

Systems Application Support, Manager

Hello! My name is Faiza Lao-Koch and from Philippines. I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management and have been working in a contact center space since 2004. I joined the Call Design Support Team in Manila in 2010.

I move to Florida in 2021 and joined the Call Design North America team as a Global Servicedesk Manager and oversee the support operation in Manila; ensuring that we are providing the care for Call Design customers across the globe.

Experiencing new things, gives me a better perspective, allows me to appreciate life more, strengthen relationships or build new ones… I can just go on and on about travelling. All the good stories I have, great memories are from my travels. And it does not matter how or where, be it the one on a motorcycle trip from San Diego to Alaska for almost a month, my first airplane travel to Mapun, Tawi-Tawi when I was 3 years old, a boat ride crossing open seas in a 20 foot wave, or a short trip to Nashville and meet amazing, wonderful people of Call Design North America…

Travelling helps me switch off my autopilot and allows me to learn new things. So lets see where my compass leads me to now?!

Faiza Lao

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