Mark Gershkovich

Head of Product

Hey there, I’m Mark Gershkovich – the guy whose last name instantly creates a competition among colleagues for correct pronunciation. Originally from the Soviet Union/Russia, I am living the American dream in a southern suburb of Nashville, TN, with my beloved wife of 24 years, three awesome kids, and two spoiled bulldogs. And just when we thought our nest was about to get quieter as some of the kids are leaving for college, my wife decided that ’empty’ rhymes better with ‘more puppies’.

At work, I focus my 23+ years of experience in Product Management, Product Development, and Agile Transformation on a singular goal – helping teams of joyful people create products that solve customers’ fundamental needs and, in turn, bring them joy. People first. Everything else will naturally fall into place.

We are all familiar with Peter Drucker’s famous statement: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Call Design lives it out. That is why every day as I start my work, I am beyond grateful to be a part of this perfectly-imperfect, ever-supportive, and immensely talented team.


Mark Gershkovich

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